Cheaper on eBay?

PS4 and VR Accessories Cheaper on eBay

Buying the Playstation VR, the games and the required accessories brand new will become pretty expensive, so why not check out to see if you can get any better deals on ebay. You may drop on unwanted PS4 gifts, or used PS4 consoles and accessories.

Obviously you are not going to get hold of a cheap used Playstation VR any time soon, but any savings will help soften the blow of spending over £700 for everything brand new and full RRP prices.

Playstation VR on eBay..

Playstation 4 Camera on eBay..

Playstation Move on eBay..

Playstation 4 Console on eBay..

If not eBay, try CEX

If you don’t fancy buying from eBay then you could try getting your Playstation or Accessories from places like CEX, all the items are used but they will come with a guarantee of some sort, and you know there is a place you can walk in and return it for a refund or replacement if you are not happy with it.


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