Playstation VR Price

The Playstation VR was finally released in October 2016 and at a price of only £349. However it appears you are going to have to fork out a little more than that price, to actually use the Playstation VR as it also needs a Playstation Camera in order to function, not only that, it is highly recommended you also purchase a couple of Playstation Move controllers to ensure you get the most out of the gameplay with PSVR Headset.

 Whats in the PSVR Box

Playstation VR Box ContentsWell, we now know the playstation VR does not come with all the required hardware in order to just plug in and play, so what actually does come in the box?.

The contents of the box includes the PS VR Headset, earbuds, various connection cables which are HDMI cable, USB cable, PSVR headset connection cable, AC adaptor and power cable. You also get a Processor Unit, this is basically a powerful splitter box which enables the game content to also be sent to the TV screen so others can watch you play or join in with 2 player games.

The Playstation VR Processor Unit also provides a bit extra power to double the refresh rates to either 90hz or 120hz, although the playstation 4 is capable of 120hz without the processor unit, it will still struggle doing this whilst running a VR Headset and providing a separate display output for the TV.

The Playroom VRThe Playroom VR

Sony will be giving away The Playroom VR as a free downloadable game for those who purchase the PS4 VR Headset at launch. The Playroom VR is a compilation of mini games, not unlike the original Playroom, however it will be far more impressive and immersive than the original game for obvious reasons!

Its said that Playroom VR will consist of six mini games, of which three of them are called… Ghost HouseMonster Escape, and Cat N’ Mouse, each of the games will give a different VR experience for you to enjoy and show off to your friends.

How Much is it Actually Going to Cost?

maxresdefaultSo, to get this brand new Playstation VR experience, how much is it all going to cost you?. Well lets say you are starting from scratch, you are going to need a PS4 Console, Playstation VR, Playstation Camera and a pair of Playstation Move controllers. (I am assuming you already have a modern HDTV and eletricity) 🙂

From Amazon the prices are…
Playstation 4 Console – £258.70
Playstation VR – £349.99
Playstation Camera – £39.00
Playstation Move (x2) – £61.98

TOTAL – £709.47

The total price of £709.47 may sound like a lot, but its far far cheaper than the PC Gaming alternative, the Oculus Rift VR Headset is going to cost around £500, although this does include the camera and controllers, so very similar pricing the the PSVR + required accessories. However when you compare the £258.70 for the console, to the price you will need for a PC powerful enough to run the Oculus Rift, then you will see how cheap the Playstation VR complete setup really is.


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